Char Siew's Daily Routine

Bedroom 4:00 AM - Wake up to pee 5:30 AM - Wake up to greet my Mom. 6:30 AM - Whine to get my Mom to feed him. 6:31 AM - Eats breakfast...

Your Wish is My Command

Someone took photos of the streets of Baguio. They were empty. It was summer, so seeing Baguio with no cars on the streets leading to...

Fifteen More Days

Last night was a full moon. I was told it was a super moon. I no longer understood what a super moon meant. When I first hear that...

All is Well

There is a grocery store located on Kennon Road that was a great alternative for us to get our supplies. Since the lock down started, ...

A Little bit of Effort

Spring has arrived. Or so, my friends from America told me. Where I live, Spring did not mean anything. That season only made sense to...


The thermometer display read 38 degrees Celsius. "I have a fever." That was the thought that came to my mind. I stopped breathing for a...

Gifts from Thy Bounty

I scooped up a cup or maybe two of the noodles into a bowl. I then poured the suspiciously pink pasta sauce on top of it. Like most of...

Forever Known as Plant Killer

Today, I thought of my plants. I finally discovered how to keep plants healthy. I was growing two plants: the first one was a...

My Dogs' Needs

Midori the Beagle, Char Siew the Shar Pei, and Jonas the Shih Tzu tasted commercial dog kibble for the first time in years.

It is What it Is

We stopped looking forward to weekends around day fourteen of the lockdown.

Cleanse Tone Moisturize

" I know you are having a hard time, like me. So I won't be nasty today."

At Least I have my Crystals

Unconsciously though, I ate less because I was conserving our resources. I was being prudent not just with food, but also with money.

May The Sun Shine on You

My house stood on a hill away from the main road. It was surrounded by pine trees.

Work from Home

When I was not working and during those quiet moments away from social media, the voice of uncertainty crept up.

Rules of The Lockdown

We did not feel the need to stock pile food (at least not yet).

Gatherings were Suspended

Face to face connection had always been valuable to us humans. In the old days, important decisions required rulers separated by sea and...

My Escape

All of us on that road were escaping the lock down.

Estimated Time of Departure

They also gave me the name of the driver. I held onto my ammonite crystal once again and wished the driver to be well, for both our sake.