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Who is Worried? Me? (How Can you Tell?)

Updated: May 1, 2020

I just finished my meal. It was 4:00 AM. For my breakfast/dinner/lunch (one never knew what word to use for one's meals when working on the graveyard shift), I had mongo and dried anchovies. While we were driving up to Baguio the previous day, I told myself that I would put a pause on eating ketogenic. I thought that Keto meals could be problematic when I wasn't even sure how food would be transported in a world where movement was being restricted. Next to my house was an empty plot of land and I'm pretty sure that we could plant root crops if food became scarce. Root crops were carbs and were incompatible with a Ketogenic diet.

The drive up the mountain was uneventful. My driver chose to take Kennon Road. It had been over a year since I passed through that road. I kept that fact from my father who was the worrier in our family. He was worried about using Kennon Road which in the last couple of years had been the site of boulders the size of cars falling onto cars. The most famous event was one which prompted the closure of the road for months when a huge chunk of rock fell on the hood of an SUV. Luckily, the family in that vehicle escaped death.

My three dogs seemed to be happy that I was home. The most relieved was Char Siew the Shar Pei. I read somewhere that the leader of the pack did the worrying for the rest of the pack. Char Siew was a worrier alright and you could tell from the wrinkles on his forehead. He thought that he was the leader of our pack and whenever I was not home, he got anxious. My mom told me that he would get up between 2 to 3 in the morning and whine loudly till she got up to reassure him that everything was alright even in my absence. But this morning, all he did was sleep. He was still snoring loudly when I checked up on him after I finished washing the dishes. He overslept by a full two hours. At least that's one creature in this house who was not worried.

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Lord Fernandez
Lord Fernandez
May 03, 2020

HI @Willy. Thank you for checking out my blog. I appreciate what you said :) Are you writing? I hope you are. More importantly, I hope you're well and safe.


willy liangco
willy liangco
May 02, 2020

hi lord! Your entries always have that soothing quality!

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