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Fifteen More Days

Last night was a full moon. I was told it was a super moon. I no longer understood what a super moon meant. When I first hear that term, it was described as an unusually large moon. If it was unusual, why would a super moon appear in the skies at least twice a year? That was suspiciously not unusual at all.

For two weeks now, there were no new cases of COVID-19 in Baguio. That was wonderful news for our household. My friend lived in Tondo and she reported that there were very few cases in that district of Manila. Known to be one of the densest population in Manila, the citizens of that district were believed to be tougher than the rest of us. What my friend shared made us wonder if their genetic make up also made them more resilient to the virus.

The president declared the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. He extended it for another fifteen days. This did not come as a surprise. In fact, most people were already expecting that the lock down would last for a full two months. Most cities in China did not see a flattening of the curve till after three months of imposing a quarantine. So it seemed reasonable to extend the quarantine. Of course, what was not reasonable was the seeming lack of help that a lot of people are getting from not being able to work. It broke my heart when I saw photos of banners posted in front of someone's gates asking for help since they have not had decent meals for weeks.

The extension was equivalent to fifteen more days of this lock down.

My newsfeed in social media can be divided into three groups. There are those who were saying that this will transform humanity. There were those who were saying we were all screwed and this was punishment for our sins. The last group were those who were just trying to survive.

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