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All is Well

There is a grocery store located on Kennon Road that was a great alternative for us to get our supplies. Since the lock down started, we did not go to the public market. In the beginning, very few people went to this store but this week, my parents said that the queue just to get into the store was five hundred meters long. Most people in Baguio decided to stay away from downtown so this little known store became popular.

It had been three weeks since I arrived in Baguio. I celebrated today because it had been a week longer than the typical two week period for COVID-19's symptoms to appear if I was infected by the virus. Since arriving in Baguio, I did not go out. So the only people I ever had contact with are my parents and our dogs' nanny.

I replaced the battery of the thermometer. There is a 7-11 next to our place and thankfully they have the button-shaped batteries. For the past four days, the thermometer kept saying that my temperature was 43 degrees Celsius. Thankfully, that's a ridiculous temperature and if it were true I would have been dead two days ago. If the value was stuck on 38 or 39, I would be worried and would have asked for the COVID-19 crew to pick me up and get me tested.

Since the thermometer is broken, I decided to stop taking my temperature. I took the battery from the thermometer and placed it inside my digital weighing scale. It said that I'm three pounds heavier than my weight when I first arrived in Baguio. It can't be ...

I think the weighing scale is broken!

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