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Forever Known as Plant Killer

Updated: May 30, 2020

Today, I thought of my plants. I finally discovered how to keep plants healthy. I was growing two plants: the first one was a succulent and the other was bamboo immersed in a vase filled with water, Before these two, all the plants I tried to grow withered and died in a span of three weeks. Sucky (the succulent) and Bambi (the bamboo) had been with me for two months and they were alive and their leaves were still green. I finally found a way not to kill plants. The secret, I discovered was to pay attention to them. I did this by talking to them daily while touching their leaves and branches. I know that this would be hogwash for most of you but it worked.

I thought of Sucky and Bambi because I left them in Manila. They must be dead now. Once again, even when I had good intentions and a great technique to keeping plants alive, the Fates wouldn't have it. I would forever be known as the killer of plants.

My predicament with plants reminded me of a character in the last book that I read: "Weather" by Jenny Offill. The character in the book kept having dreams that he would be the cause of his child's death. The book was our reading selection for our book club. We met monthly. For this book, we were supposed to meet in a cafe in Mandaluyong but because of the lock down, we didn't get to do that. Someone suggested to do it over zoom and we all said why not?

While thinking of the upcoming zoom meeting, I thought to myself, were group meetings illegal now? I mean, if all of my friends gathered in a secret place and the police discovered us, would we be arrested?

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