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Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Heart wakes up early. Heart is excited because today, he is all set for an adventure. He is going to jump off a cliff into the crystal blue waters surrounding this beautiful island. Heart wakes up Mind and Body to get them all to join him in this adventure.

Mind is hoping that Heart will lose interest in this nonsense. He thinks this is crazy. He had always won all arguments with heart in the past. But something changed recently, he doesn’t know how but Heart seems to have found courage.

The friends finally reach the cliff. Body is uncontrollably shaking. He feels he is held hostage by Heart’s idea. He refuses to move towards the edge of the cliff.

Mind realizes that Body has gone stiff and Mind feels triumphant. It seems like Heart is not going to get his way this time. He then hears Heart saying.

"Body my friend, I can feel your fear. I know that you are fragile. I know that you think you have the most to lose in all of this but I ask of you to feel that behind that anxious feeling, there is a curious voice that is telling us, ‘This can be epic’.”

"We can stop this now if you want but come and hold my hand – and feel my courage. Use this courage to propel us to run towards the horizon and face our adventure.”

Mind rolls his eyes. That word … Courage … again. It all now comes to this. He seems to have no choice but to hold hands with Heart and Body - and jump off the cliff.

And so the three friends jump.



Mind feels ecstasy.



Body, fully relaxed feels that time has stopped while they are mid-air.


A big splash and they all feel the cold but tender embrace of the ocean as they sink deep into the waters.



The three start to float to the surface.

Body starts to breathe. Mind is speechless. He sees the world differently now. Every ounce of anxiety is gone and he is ecstatic over the knowledge that he gained. He can jump off a cliff and live to tell about it.

Heart - is triumphant. As they jumped off this cliff, Body, Mind, and Heart are One.

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