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Answered Prayers

Dear One,

I lost my wallet on my way to Bali. It was filled with money that I was supposed to use to buy sarongs from the Ubud market in every color that you can find on the rainbow.

I recognize that everything that I planned to buy from Bali would have ended up at the back of my closet like most souvenirs I bought from all my trips. That happened to the dozens of Sarongs I bought from my first trip to Bali.

I came to Bali to pray for abundance and the gods had an odd way of answering that prayer. Instead of giving me the winning numbers to the lotto while meditating at the most holy temple of Besakih, they actually whispered these words to me:

“If abundance is what you’re asking for, let go of the need for having more than enough and be satisfied with what’s enough.”

“If abundance is what you’re asking for, what you have that’s more than enough, send it to someone who does not have enough.”

Which is why I want to make it official by writing you.

May the money you found be the answer to your prayers. May that money be my way of sending a miracle your way.

With Peace in my Heart,


Dear One,

I found your wallet. It was filled with more money than I have ever seen in my life. I earn 200 pesos every day for selling candies and cigarettes.

I asked myself if I should keep it. With this money, I know I can take my daughter to McDonald’s every day for the rest of the year.

My heart told me that keeping it as if it’s mine is a great sin even if I didn’t steal it. I decided to return it to you the next day but life got in the way.

The day after I found your wallet, my daughter fell ill. I took her to the doctor who told me that she was very sick. He then gave me a list of medicines to buy.

I felt helpless. I didn't have money to buy everything in the prescription. Then I remembered your money.

I still thought that it was wrong for me to use it because it wasn’t mine. Confused on what I needed to do next, I prayed for guidance.

At the end of that prayer, I had the answer. I actually felt peace in my heart as if I was given permission to use this money to buy my daughter's medicine.

My daughter is well now. Thanks to the money that was in your wallet, she got well.

I want to ask for your understanding.

I cannot pay you back with money but I can pray for whatever it is you desire right now.

With gratitude,


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