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In Love, Not in Might, I Fly

I was once the sun.  Mighty in the Sky

Those dare look at me - their eyes burn and die.

Bow down, Command of mine do not defy.

My Word was all truth; all else was but lie.

Then my Death came when day turned into night.

Once Mighty Bright Light snuffed out beyond sight.

In sorrow, I looked up, then saw a sight:

Benevolent moon, with her Tender Light.

"My love," She called, "Wipe the tears from your eyes.

We are one in love, The stars, you and I.

Bow down you must not, Look here to the skies;

As we see our light that shine in each eye.

Thank you, Oh sweet moon, now humbled am I;

In your Love, not my might, my soul does fly

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