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Surrender to Courage

Live with
a calm mind,
a whole heart,
and a strong will. 

Meet Lord Fernandez

Mindfulness Teacher

My goal is to teach you mindfulness practices that are useful in your daily life.

These lessons can give you the ability to stay present and appreciate the good moments;   and the ability to stay calm and conscious in the challenging moments.

Meet Lord
Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness Practices

You can start today

Mindful Breaths

Take a momentary pause.

Ground yourself in the present moment.

Pay attention to you breath. Inhale .... exhale.  

Daily Retreat

When you're taking that daily coffee or tea break,  be fully present with every sip.

This can be your daily retreat.


Listen to understand not to respond.

Strengthen the connection between you and your loved ones. 


Be your biggest fan.  Extend kindness to yourself as you would extend kindness to someone you care for.

Body Scan

Which part of your body is screaming for attention?


Gratitude resets our mood even during the foulest moments of our lives.


Paying attention to your thoughts allow you to create a better response to the challenges that you face.  Journaling develops your skill of  watching the thoughts that arise in your mind.

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