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Proactive Casserole

We're throwing a party. For this party, we are serving Proactive Casserole which is the perfect antidote to Procrastination. Let's all make this year the year we'll get things done:

Proactive Casserole Recipe


1 bar of Perfectionism - Melted 1 cup. Humility Dash of Forgiveness Blend of Courage and Determination Pinch of Curiosity 1 Pint of Accountability 3 Deep Breaths


We’ll grab the bar of perfectionism and melt it in low heat. Once melted, perfectionism turns into acceptance. We’ll add humility into the pan as soon as acceptance turns golden brown.

To season this mixture, a dash of forgiveness and a blend of courage and determination will give a robust flavor to the dish. One cannot get things done if we hold on to the past sins and disappointments. One can only move forward when we add the positive energy that courage and determination brings.

This is the tricky part of the recipe so pay attention. We’ll add a pinch of curiosity. This is a fun ingredient; and to make sure that the dish does not turn out half cooked we’ll add a pint of accountability.

The pan now stays on the stove until it’s done.

Once the dish is done, we’ll take three deep breaths and we’ll bless the moment so we can savor the results of all our work.

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